Cyber Threats keep Hospital CEOs Awake at Night

Cyber threats of data breach, malware and fraudulent activities are cross-cutting. Practically, no business of any type can claim to be on a safe list. Nevertheless, organizations that handle or process personal data are exclusive targets of cyber crime. In a recent interview with Information Security Media Group, Fernando Martinez, Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer of the Texas Hospital Association says that the top challenge that keep the hospital and System CEOs “awake at night is cyber security.”

Martinez said that with ever evolving cyber threat landscape paired with lack of awareness on part of end user and ill-preparation on part of organization lets the threat perpetrator infiltrate.

As suggested by Martinez a multi layered security architecture including encryption, two-factor authentication, anti-malware and intrusion prevention systems is needed to identify, contain and recover from any such nefarious data breach attempt.

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Hackers Find Their Way into MyFitnessPal

On March 29th an email went out to 150 million users of MyFitnessPal notifying them of a data breach compromising user names, email addresses and hashed passwords. While the company authorities started investigating the breach with assistance from leading data security firms, the users were urged to change their passwords and monitor any suspicious activity on their accounts.

MyFitnessPal issued some dos and don’ts to address the account security issue; however this data compromise is just one of the scaling incidents of hacking and data breach. Many technology and data security companies are faced with the challenge of securing privacy and ownership of the data.

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