About Us

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IMAGE-X Enterprises, Inc. was founded in 1989 in Santa Barbara, California, with the purpose of bringing innovative solutions across the verticals. IMAGE-X provides Document management, Workflow and Electronic filing systems. The company’s important products provide to major corporations and institutions the technology needed to capture, manage and share multiple data types. Our enterprise-level product is a process-centric Document Management suite that includes XML integration, forms solutions, workflow, imaging, computer output to laser disk (COLD) and archival technologies. Our products enable our clients’ existing business applications to be documented on an enterprise-wide basis over local and wide-area networks. They can be integrated with any database application running on any kind of hardware platform without modification. The components of the system are modular and can be custom-tailored to the needs of any enterprise.

Our strategy and technology offer clients the lowest initial cost per user for a Document Management System. We differ from our competitors, who are document-centric, and those who require customers to use secondary image index databases to index and retrieve documents. Our support for distributed storage over wide-area networks is unique in the industry. In addition to single-key index Document Management for millions of documents, which results in fast search and retrieval speed, the unique indexing architecture permits automation of the process to eliminate manual key-entry. The end result is an easy to use system, which allows the users to take advantage of document imaging from day one without the need to learn any new application.

We have more than two decades of providing high-end enterprise-wide Document Imaging Solutions to major public and private businesses and institutions, IMAGE-X has made high-end document management technology available to meet the needs of individuals and small groups.

IMAGE-X is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, with satellite offices in Santa Ana, California, Georgia and internationally in India.