Secure Storage

Storing and backing up all of your organizations data and documents is a big job. In today world data is stored in a variety of devices and the risk of losing data on even one device can mean disaster for your business. eSecureDOX is designed using our patented architecture (U.S. Patent 8613105) and using military grade encryption using PKI. From your need to store confidential data to backing up your servers and making your data accessible across a network of computers, smartphones and tablets. eSecureDOX eases enterprise-level backup from beginning to endpoint.

Your data is encrypted prior to backup with 256-bit AES encryption. Private key encryption ensures only you can access your data.

eSecureDOX ensures that files and documents are updated in all saved locations. With folder synchronization, important files and documents are always updated to the most recent iteration.

With a single eSecureDOX account, all your business data is 100% secure. eSecureDOX secures all your document and data using PKI based military grade encryption using our patented (U.S. Patent #861,3105) process.