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Image-X Health Care & Life Science :

Image-X products transform patient information from different systems and data sources into a virtual patient information portal, with out compromising the integrity and security of the data. EDAR utilizes XML data and document capturing technology to provide the HIPAA compliant data/document exchange solution that health care organizations require. EDAR (Electronic Document Acceptance and Routing System) allows interactive communication between the sender and the receiver through the electronic window. Medical forms can be filled out and submitted, approved or rejected, and fees can be collected. Submitting medical forms electronically drastically reduces the cost of filing, redundant data entry, eliminates much of the paper handling involved, and allows the agencies to function more efficiently.

Features :

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Online Backfile storage solutions
  • XForms for healthcare
  • Online collaboration, allowing specialists and general practitioners to communicate more effectively
  • Integration with medical imaging platforms such as RADIN
  • HIPAA compliant email solutions

Image-X’s goal is to bring Health Care & Life Science into future of collaboration with high scrutiny for document security.